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X-Men Precursor Children of the Atom Heads New Line of Facsimile Editions from Red Jacket Press

Wilmar Shiras’s classic SF novel, originally published by Gnome Press, has been re-issued in a special slipcased collector’s edition.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — The original edition of a classic science fiction novel often credited (though never officially confirmed) as the inspiration for Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s enduring super-hero team The Uncanny X-Men has been brought back into print for the first time in over 50 years.

Red Jacket Press, a new publisher dedicated to bringing classic science fiction titles back into print, begins its line of high-quality facsimile reprints with Children of the Atom by Wilmar Shiras. First published in 1953, this story of children born with remarkable mental abilities as a result of an unintended experiment in genetic mutation has, like The X-Men, resonated deeply with generations of readers, and Shiras’s affecting portrayal of frightened teenagers hiding their abilities from a world they know will not understand them has never failed to find identification among its readers. (Further information on Children of the Atom, detailed biographical information on author Wilmar Shiras, and a brief excerpt are available at <>.)

Each volume in this series of facsimile reprints is a complete reproduction of the original first edition, in hardcover, with the dust jacket, case, and interior pages of the original meticulously re-created for this collectors’ edition. Also included are a handsome and durable protective slipcase (with the dust jacket art reproduced on its exterior), and a card with detailed biographical information about the author.

Children of the Atom (along with the other Red Jacket Press facsimile reprints) is priced at $39.95, and is now available for order direct from the publisher at <>. (Trade terms for retailers interested in carrying this or other Red Jacket Press titles can be found at <>.)

Future Red Jacket Press titles will be announced as they become available, and the publishers hope to expand the scope of their reprints to feature classic titles from other notable SF publishers.

More information on Red Jacket Press and its titles and authors can be found at <>. Review copies are available. Please direct any inquiries to Brian Pearce and Kerry Kyle at

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